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Fast Life Beats is a music production company and private recording studio, featuring one of top production/engineering duos in the current music industry.


14 July 2019
"Not Around" Bizzie Monroe
"Boom Goes the Cannon"
Mobb Deep
June 2018
"Make 10"
7 May 2018
Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 6.12.25 PM
28 September 2018
Louniversal Album
18 January 2018
12 September

Meggie Gregory

Album "River Of Life"

Always Striving
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Fast Life Beats is the production team of Abstrxkt and Direckt.
2018 has been a breakout year for Fast Life Beats. The NYC based production duo recently produced Lin-Manuel Miranda’s latest Hamildrop installment, “Boom Goes the Cannon” featuring Mobb Deep, Republic records rising star LouGotCash’ first breakthrough single “Make 10” now with their second record “Thing For You”, mixed YBN’s “Make Me Feel” off of the recently released gold album “YBN:The Mixtape” and a slew of syncs on major network TV.

As the demand for their productions and mixes grew, they opened up their own studio in NYC’s famed Music building located in Times Square.

As producers and songwriters, Fast Life, has earned a reputation for crispy melodic beats, radio ready mixes and bonding creatively with artists.

They have more releases on the way with Bandhunta Izzy, LouGotCash (“Make You Moan” and “Thing For You”) and the debut EP from their own buzzing artist, Bizzie Monroe.

Heading Out To The Stars

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